Saturday, December 26, 2009

First SAAA Event a Success

Meeting at TJ on a foggy and misty December 26th, the first SysAdmin Alumni Association event consisted of Jefferson graduates of the classes of 1991 up until 2011. The ‘new’ SAAA group briefly met up with the group of Sysadmins that have been meeting at the Annandale Fuddruckers since around 2000, and introductions were made. Members of SAAA trickled in over time after 2pm, and story sharing between the two groups took over much of the talking (with an obligatory Emacs/Vim discussion). Bodies from the “older” admin group included Mr. Don Hyatt, the first Syslab faculty director, Ilia Mirkin (01), and Brent Metz (98). Several members of the older group left early, as they had already met at Fuddruckers slightly earlier in the day and ate there.

After being kicked of the school building, the admins stood in the Senior parking lot for about an hour, and then moved over to Fuddruckers to order food and talk some more. The meeting ended at 6:48pm, and people left shortly thereafter. Plans were made to make this event annual, combining both groups into one as to allow for a large reunion. Others voiced interest in having smaller events throughout the year held near/in the school.