Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Human Communication, Post for Week 1

I can’t say I’ve truly introduced myself on here, so after almost a year and a half of having this website, here goes. My name is Stephen Repetski, and I’m currently a student in the 0535-480-72 Human Communication class. This is my first year at RIT, and I am majoring in Applied Networking and Systems Administration, a subset of the Networking, Security, and Systems Administration department in the GCCIS college. I don’t currently have an on-campus job, but have worked at the US Geological Survey and Sun Microsystems Federal during summers between school years. I don’t have a set focus on what I want to be after school, but some possibilities include being a Systems Engineer, or Network/Systems Administrator. I hope to minor in Russian, as well.

My reason for taking this class is primarily to fulfill the Human Communication requirement for my major, but also to hopefully learn how I can use types of communication to my advantage in the future for interactions with coworkers, friends, customers, and others. There were several classes to choose from, and this seemed like it would be an interesting fit. I have had many opportunities to use the types of communication talked about during class, but hope to improve the way I approach such messages in order to convey ideas in a more meaningful way and fashion.