Thursday, June 24, 2010

Arlington Diocese Workcamp

It’s that time of year again! This weekend marks the beginning of the first of two weeks of workcamp put on by the Arlington Diocese.

Here’s a quick description of what workcamp is:
WorkCamp is a week-long intentional Christian community for high-school aged youth. We begin each day with the celebration of Mass before going to work sites where we serve those in need by making their homes safer, warmer, and drier. The evening program consists of Christian entertainment, songs, and speakers. A reconciliation service is always a part of the week and Eucharistic adoration is frequently the way we close the day.
It’s basically a week of fun, hard work, and getting to know some awesome individuals. While personally as a member of St. Mark’s I haven’t been to the Diocesan workcamp before, I’m already more than ready for it to begin and prepared to have a fantastic time during the week. We (volunteers) will be arriving at the location tomorrow morning and getting it all set up for the students graciously giving up a week of their summer to help those in need!

It should be a fantastic week, and perhaps I’ll even update the blog during the week – who knows.