Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Commentary on Public Education (and more)

Bill Gates talks candidly about the state of the US economic system and gives his thoughts

Atari celebrates its 40th year as a company

For the second time, the Internet falls for a hoax; the “Destination Time” in the first Back to the Future movie on the DeLorean’s display panel was modified to show a different date, and the picture quickly went viral

How Winamp fell from being arguably the greatest MP3 player to just another in the pack of music programs

The rise and fall of the France-wide web – another victim of the Internet revolution

A new Army data network starts to be deployed, sadly too late to catch most of the current wars

Poor ol’ RIM loses $518 million in Q1 2013 and starts cutting 5,000 jobs; they’re on my bankruptcy/death watchlist, are they on yours?