Saturday, January 24, 2015

Well well...

Last post: November, 2012. Today: January, 2015. It's been an interesting 2-some years.

As much as I thought I might never bother to see this site again, another part of me apparently wants to attempt to start blogging again for unknown reasons. Much has changed in the 2-ish years since I last put up anything, and hopefully one change for the better is my writing abilities or my abilities to convey information.

For various reasons I probably will end up moving this to another provider - Medium, Blogger, etc. - there really isn't much of a point in hosting this myself. However in the meantime while I do that, I might end up putting up a couple of posts. Potential topics include a little bit of fascination about DC/NOVA history, weather, aviation, or various other items that end up being interesting to me.

EDIT: And yes, I'm laughing and shaking my head about these previous posts more than any of you are. Some (scratch that - a lot) of them are pretty terrible, both content-wise and layout/flashiness.