Thursday, October 1, 2009

Solaris 10: Removing Solaris Data Management WBEM/CIM API

A while back I saw a discussion about the usefulness of WBEM/CIM – Web Based Enterprise Management  - on Solaris 10 servers, and I finally got around this summer to start doing some testing with these packages removed. It would seem that these packages are not needed at TJ due to the lack of use of even SNMP, which is really only used for UPS monitoring, and that these packages take up space in our ‘distribution’, which is approximately 14GB for our ‘frontend’ machines – those that users directly interact with. The packages that I was interested in started with SUNWdmgtr and SUNWdmgtu, and all associated with these. Assuming my calculations are correct, removing these packages (starting with mostly a full Solaris install, so removing the software packages of all languages), gets rid of about 70 from our system. With 2090 packages in our frontend distribution, this makes a small – but noticeable – dent. I hope to do some more testing with all these removed to make sure that nothing of ours breaks, but it seems that this just makes Solaris a bit more lean, and probably a bit faster.