Wednesday, January 27, 2010

So Long, Sun

I’ve only been involved with Sun for the past two or three years, but it’s been great while it lasted. The employees are excellent, the software fantastic, and the opportunities for fun more than can be imagined. I vaguely knew the Sun name before I started high school, but my involvement in the Sysadmin program at TJ brought me to working for Sun for a summer, and has given me extreme joy, especially when our AEG proposal was accepted, and through all the great employees I met and became friends with. Scott McNealy presented at TJ in the spring of this year, and is in my mind one of the most respected capitalists in Silicon Valley due to the way he ran Sun, and the motivations behind their moves. The company will be truly missed, and I hope that Oracle and all Sun employees keep a light burning for the passion and work that the Sun name meant for everyone. Best of luck everyone, and have a great new adventure at Oracle!

McNealy's Bittersweet Memo Bids Good-Bye to Sun - “Kick butt and have fun.”

The Register: Scott McNealy Signs Off in Style

After first learning the Sun deal had completed, the following image was created:

Thanks to James Gosling for the above images, and have a great new adventure. The future looks bright.