Monday, January 25, 2010

Toblerone Bear

Marker drawing by Joe Kern
Official Toblerone logo

The image on the left is a drawing my roommate created a few days ago, and the picture on the right is the official logo/image on the Toblerone bars.

Went to bed yesterday at around midnight, and was woken up around 2 in the morning. Stayed up until about 4:30 since my other three roommates were still up (no reason why), and so we were just chatting and joking around for quite a bit. Got up later at 8 for my discrete math class and Freshman Year Enrichment ii, and then had my fun 8 hour lull until Russian in the evening. Only have one more week until course registration for the spring, so it feels like the year is going by quicker than it really is (today’s weather also helped the lie!).

As far as my TJ involvement is concerned, I reopened a case having to do with Dulles, and sent in some more diagnostic information to the engineer assigned to the case, so hopefully we’ll get a resolution fairly soon.