Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Minor Dot Update

So I updated this site/blog a while ago when I changed hosting servers with the intent of actually updating it. It’s now over 3 months later (wow, time travels fast) and that same Pardon the Dust posting is still at the top. I guess that’s generally how college goes, no? Around the end of a semester or quarter one suddenly has lots of free time, it stays like that for a while, and then a new session of classes starts and your free time goes downhill.

My general amount of free time has definitely decreased during this spring quarter, and we’re only in the third week. It seems the mixture of classes that I’m taking, which aren’t incredibly hard (so far), have just taken over with work whether reading, writing, or analyzing texts.

2010-3 Courses:

  • Information Security Policies (4050-360)
  • Introduction to Databases & Data Modeling (4002-360)
  • Computer Crime (0501-507)
  • Financial Accounting (0101-301)
  • Cultural Anthropology (0510-210)

Hopefully even though it’s the spring quarter I’ll be able to reprioritize my time make it so that I’m not up until 1 (or later) in the morning on a Tuesday doing homework for a class at 8am that same day. Last I checked this was still possible, right?

Well, I certainly hope so; we’ll see though, won’t we? :)