Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring? Syke.

Well this has been an interesting day. Woke up “on time” (alarm went off at 8, slept in until ~9 when I got up for class), and found out my class was online since my professor got stuck at home due to snow. At that point there was only an inch or two at most on the ground which isn’t much for Rochester, but that was sure changed by the end of the day. So essentially I got to act like my first – and only – class of the day was at 2 in the afternoon :)

 An inspirational technical text from RIT:
Earlier this evening, some email messages going in or out of campus, or to/from Exchange and Google Apps were delayed unusually long due to the weather.
While this doesn’t necessarily make sense, I’d be curious to know the actual details behind the incident. Sleep and homework comes first though.