Monday, July 13, 2009

Links, 2009-07-12

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Links, 2009-07-12

Outlook Separation Anxiety Holds Back Google Apps – I’m interested to see how this turns out in the long run. Personally, I really like integration with Outlook or Thunderbird, and the way Google’s IMAP is set up means a few of the folders don’t get mapped correctly. I’m also actually a fan of Outlook Web Access. There are so few integrated solutions on the market that can do the job well. Supporting the system may be an issue, but I’ve heard fewer complaints about Exchange 2007

Olympic hopeful opens NZ brothel – I found this an amusing link to include here

Robotic Glider Set To Break Autonomous Flight Records – There are many technical obstacles that would need to be dealt with before using these wide-spread, but it’s good to see progress, especially from young college students

Texting Teen Falls Down Open NYC Manhole – No explanation needed

The Legacy of Colorism Reflects Wounds of Racism That Are More Than Skin-Deep – Interesting discussion about racism/colorism in the modern world