Thursday, July 16, 2009

Links, 2009-07-15

This entry has been migrated from my Sun Microsystems blog. is the only blog of mine that is being updated at the current time.

Links, 2009-07-15

Future clouds for Sun Ray in WA schools – Having administered Sun Rays at my high school, I can see where they’re coming from as far as the multimedia perspective goes. As far as general administration, I found it fairly simple

IBM Power servers most reliable in new survey

Opinion: Windows 7, FUD and slow news days

Using Windows Previous Versions to access ZFS Snapshots – a nice blog entry talking about ZFS and Windows integration. Looks promising :)

Indian tiger park 'has no tigers'

Price of Habit Chokes US Smoker – this was a very humorous article, showing that computers and/or human errors still occur in this computer-laden digital world :)