Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sun Ray Silliness

Meta-comment: I have no idea where the four pictures referenced in this blog have ended up. Ah well.

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Sun Ray Silliness

I’ve been meaning to post these for a while so we could submit a service request about it, but the XScreenSaver software in Solaris occasionally messes up the text on the unlock screen, including changing the text’s size and/or font. Here are two examples of the strange behavior:

DSCF7732 DSCF7733

Another behavior that I noticed that I’ve only seen once is green lines appearing on the screen of the Sun Ray. Note that the Sun Ray is currently running Sun Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) software, which is why it looks like a Windows desktop:

DSCF7843 DSCF7844

Update 2009-07-11, 1628: The two images on the bottom are most likely caused due to interference from the KVM that the ray was using at the time; the model of KVM being used had a history of poor quality.